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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 24, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> a female police officer shoots dead an american as visor in kabul. -- advisor in kabul. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up on the frahm, a gunman kills two firefighters as they drive baddle a blaze in new york. the opposition rejected any transition involving the regime. >> the midnight mass has already taken place ushering in
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christmas and messagesor peace and reconciliation around the region. a female afghan police officer has shot dead a u.s. contractor. the killing is thought to be the first insider attack by a female. there are attack happened inside kabul's central police station. a policewoman named nargis shot the advisor. it will concern nato officials. although there is still only a small proportion of the country's 350,000 security forces that are gradually taking over security from nato. >> if the united states and afghanistan slows down its training efforts, its joint training capabilities and capacity building up security
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forces then both the afghan government and the united states will be doing exactly what the enemies want. >> there has been some progress in peace efforts to the afghan government and the taliban. last month negotiators secured pakistan's coop trying help with the process. representatives of the taliban, the afghan government met face-to-face. president karzai announced plans for an office in qatar. karzai heads to the united states next month to discuss the u.s. presence here through 2014 and beyond. others will withdraw their troops more quickly than planned. the killing of an american in the heart of kabul won't boost support for an already unpopular war. >> chief editor of the kabul
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newspaper said that insider attacks are hampering the fight against taliban and al qaeda. >> the taliban are behind all of these attacks. it means their presence in security forces is strong. but recently, the afghan police as well as the allen army are preparing some new plans and programs to advise any injection of taliban elements within the afghan security forces but still, it is quite clear -- the afghan security forces and nato security forces who are supposed to fight terrorism and al qaeda and the taliban together. >> in the united states, a gunman set a house on fire and
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shot two firefighters who went to put out the blaze. two firefighters were killed and two others wounded. the gunman was accused of killing his grandmother with a hammer shot himself. >> gunfire breaks out. two firefighters are dead. two others seriously injured. police say the attack had all the hallmarks of a trap. >> we assume he was shooting from a high-ground advantage at a berm near the home. he had bare indicated or set himself with the weapons to shoot the innocent responders. >> the gunman had a long criminal record, shot himself dead at the scene. the weapon he used must have been obtained illegally. >> we have to get a handle of gun control and the mental health issues. for the last 20 years, we have
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been turning people loose. i think we have swung too far. i think there are people that still need to be in institutions that are a danger to themselves and others. this is a classic example. >> monday is the eve of the festival of christmas and if tori has been making headlines in the u.s. the firefighters shooting comes just over a week since a gunman killed 26 people including 20 children at an elementary school in the town of newtown, connecticut. sparking a debate about whether semiautomatic guns should be banned. the n.r.a. recommended armed guards be placed in all schools. president obama has announced a task force to look into gun control in the u.s. several congress people are planning bills for the new year. the latest deadly shooting in webster involving first responders trying do their jobs just before christmas will likely prolong the gun debate
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further. >> this is a shock that something like to would happen. for some reason, violence is rearing its ugly head in this community and everywhere. >> al jazeera, washington. >> funerals have been held for the victims of a bakery bombing in hamas. activists say the air strike on sunday killed at least 90 people. many were lining up to buy bread at the time. the activists said the bakery was targeted. the government said it was terrorists. turkish officials said at least 700 people from hamas province have crossed the border. more than half a million people have fled syria in more than two years of fighting. there was a quick visit to the capital by brahimi. we met with assad but the outcome of the meeting remains
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unclear. >> yet another attempt by syria's envoy to find way to end the war. brahimi met assad in damascus. it is not clear if he has a concrete plan but brahimi is trying to get an agreement on a transitional government. >> i've met president assad and we ex-changed views on the next steps to be taken to move forward. we also discussed the steps that i see can be taken to help the people come out of this crisis. >> any political solution that would save the regime is unacceptable. the political solution that is acceptable puts an end to killing of syrians. any solution that does not begin with assad stepping down is rejected and we will oppose it.
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>> he has no intention of stepping down. but he reportedly told brahimi that he would be willing to cooperate to find solution, but if you ask the opposition, they believe it is the assad government, which has been weakened, it is the assad government, which is on the defensive and it is state that wants a negotiated settlement. the syrian government is just as committed to fighting this war until the end. it says its army is still strong. but its heavy firepower hasn't been able to finish off its opponents and crush the rebels. >> this is the frontline, using tanks, mortars, cluster bombs. you name it. >> neither side has the upper hand militarily and they are not close to negotiating an end to the war either.
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>> well, the conflict there in syria is expected to be at the top of the agenda at the annual summit of the gulf arab nation. leaders of the g.c.c. countries have arisen for talks. it is expected they will repeat a call for assad to step down. tensions are neighboring iran will also be discussed. egypt's elections committee has said it will announce on tuesday the official results off of votes on the constitution. nearly 2/3 of egyptians voted in favor of the draft charter. >> from the beginning the national salvation front said this constitution does not represent the people. this constitution is not one of national consensus, but of national division. our position is to fight and until we change this constitution and replace it with another. >> iny and, two senior policeman
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have been suspended in connection with the gang rape of a student on a bus in new delhi. they said they failed to carry out their duties. protests are continuing despite police crackdowns. >> undeterred by the block aids in high security, protesters took the streets in new delhi for another day. authorities shot roads and metro stations to try to keep the crowds under control. these demonstrations have taken on a momentum of their own. the protests have spread to at least five other states in india including mumbai and bang lower. -- langelor. the prime minute stir addressed the nation promising his
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government could take tough action. >> not only the responses to this terrible crime, but also all aspects concerning the safety of women and children and punishment to those who commit these monstrous crimes. the steps we are taking and the processes we are following. >> the government is under pressure from activists and lawyers to impose tougher sentences on sexual crimes and to address shortcome information the legal system and law enforcement. >> there is no sense of law and order. unless the citizens are assured of their safety, it is not only the women, but elderly, children, everybody is vulnerable to this crime. >> according to data from the national crime records bureau,
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reported rape cases have risen 10% from last year. the rape put a spotlight top justice system and the government's inability to deal with the crimes. >> this trial for this case will start on january 3 with daily hearings. this is
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midnight eastern, 9:00 p.m. pacific. >> the top stories on al jazeera this hour. in afghanistan, a woman in a police uniform shot a u.s. advisor. the killing is thought to be first so-called insider attack by a female. a gunman in the u.s. state of new york set homes on fire and then shot and killed two fire fighters who arrived to put out the blazes. shooter, who had been convicted of killing his grandmother, then
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committed suicide. the u.n. and arab league's envoy to syria, brahimi, left damascus after a short meeting on monday. he met with assad and urged him together to come together. the iraqi province of anbar -- the demonstrators are accusing it of sectarian mistrust in the country. the iraqi government is discriminating against sunnis. >> it is clear cut imbalance in the government and in addition to the human rights, we are weakened, now even offered to our people in four provinces, a normal life and then to be as a sunni, you are considered by the government a terrorist,
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loyalists, you name it. to be a sunni, many -- that the sunni community unfortunately being discommunicated and are facing intolerable -- from the security forces. >> it looks as though venezuela's president hugo chavez won't be home for christmas. he is recovering from cancer surgery in cuba. many fear he won't be home in time to be sworn in for a third term on january 10. >> a week ago, they were atrade their leader might not survive after a complex cancer nation cuba, but on the eve of christmas, members of the ailing president's cabinet seemed
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optimistic amidst reports that chavez is recovering slowly but surely. there is another reason for their optimism after uncertainty and controversy about what would happen if president chavez can't return home to be sworn in on january 107 as the constitution stipulates. now they have granted him a leave of abstones attend to health matters. he will probably will sworn in before the supreme court. there are attorney general puts it more bluntly. the president was reelected on october 7 by the vast majority of the people. that is the date that counts and that hurts the opposition. the date set by the constitution for swearing in is just a mere more -- formality. >> new elections are demanded if chaffs does not return by the
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stipulated date. now at least one is backtracking. >> i never said if the president cannot present himself that then he loses his position. no. he was given a mandate. >> the realtime question is not so much when -- real question is not so much when will chavez return to venezuela. more importantly, how successful was his latest attempt to beat an aggressive cancer which has had him battling for his life since june of last year. while some are hoping they can achieve what they could not at the battle box, they are seeking for a belief in miracles. >> a top level red alert is still in force for a volcano threatening to erupt the border with argentina. precautions are still being taken.
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>> the volcano began spilling ash and gas two days ago. sending rivers of magma down the mountain. there are presence of a body of magma makes the poveblet mud flows greater along with the possibility that it may involve into bigger eruptions which we cannot discount now. that's why we are being watchful. >> chile is on red alert in case the worst happens. the latest seismic data suggests the pressure has eased. locals are worried. an vuppings due they say. they remember the last one in 1991. >> we're very scared. something could happen at night and no one knows what could happen at night. >> in this part, the mountain range is more isolated.
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we don't have transportation. we don't have any vehicles. >> authorities recommend people lilling within 15 kilometers of the volcano keep an eye out. >> russian investigators have lunched a third fraud inquiry. they say he is suspected of defrauding the now defunct political party. he is already charged with theft fraud as well as money laundering in two separate cases and he denies the charges. it is draft season for the russian army but the military is struggling to find enough recruits. thousands of young men are willing to risk jail to avoid joining. >> he has been dodging the military draft for eight years. he knows he could be forced into the army on any day.
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not attending university and with no family, every man in yause is between 18-27 is expected to serve a year in the military. it is a terrifying prospect for many. >> we first left moscow when i was 18. we were very afraid. we lived in hiding and recognized when a police car was coming by the specific sound of their tires. >> this is what frightens men like nikolai. it is known as hazings. it is described as a military code of violence, a bullying of new recruits that sometimes pushingst known take their own lives. official statistics are rarely released. officials say 149 soldiers committed suicide in 2009 alone. nikolai describes the lengths many go to prevent their children from doing military service. >> many of my friend's parent it is began changing their medical
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records from a young age, that way when they reached daft age, it would show an illness making them unfit to serve. >> every year the military struggles to find the recruits it needs. according to the ministry of defense, 60% of those eligible were deemed unfit for military sfers. russia's military stands at around a million. >> the problem is very, very serious. many officers were fired. at the same time, new junior officers didn't appear. the result, the problem of discipline within still exists. >> nikolai faces up to two years
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in jail for dodging the draft, for avoiding a year in an army that wants more men according to defense experts needs serious reform and must stop the violence within. >> freezing temperatures have killed 85 people in ukraine. temperatures have plunged to as low as minus 20 degrees celsius. the government set up heater tents and thousand s of emergency shelters for the homeless. the cold snap is expected to improve. 150 flood warnings are now in place across scotland, england and wales. christmas celebrations in the philippines are muted this year. typhoon bopha killed more than 1,000 people and devastated many communities. >> a somber moment for the
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people. typhoon bopha killed more than 150 lives here and left virtually nothing in its wake. the only sizable building still standing is this makeshift chapel. it has back focal point for survivors. >> we're still thankful, even if we only have the capital, the last structure remaining. we're ok as long as people's hearts are directed towards the lord. >> the fill speens one of the most christian -- philippines is one of the most christian countries in the world. they are relying on their faith to get them through the ordeal. >> even if we are facing a difficult situation, we still need to pray. we are still sylvia celebrating christmas -- still celebrating christmas and still grateful that we are still alive.
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>> for many life will be spent in at the present times living off international aid. >> their houses have been destroyed and some completely. everything is down. the livelihood is greatly affected as well because the country, the trees, everything is down. >> as the most intense storm to hit the philippines this year, bopha left more than 1,000 people dead and more than 800 missing, but the will to recover is strong. >> well, christmas festivities are underway for millions of people around the globe. while some traditions don't change, many are choosing to celebrate in their own special way. in mexico, the night of the radish is a 150-year-old tradition. every christmas eve, they use over 9,000 radishes to create religious scenes. indian sands artists have
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attempted to break a world record creating over 5,000 sand sculptures. students use it as part of the campaign to protect the planet. at the vatican, pope benedict is leading midnight mass on christmas eve. he sent christmas greetings around the world in many languages. >> the celebrations here started early and ended late. in the morning, we saw locals move through the square and saw a stage with many international musical acts playing. the head of the catholic church in the holy land came through the square and into the church. he gave the midnight mass
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attended by palestinian president ma motte ab-- mahmoud abbas. >> more than 40 people were killed by fighting to replace western unless with islamic ideology. we have more from nigeria's capital. >> time has not numbed her pain. her four caught thes were among 44 people killed in a suicide killing last christmas. christmas now is a celebration of sorrow for me. that's what comes to my mind knowing that i have lost my four daughters. >> the attack is believed to have been carried out by a radical group to create instability in the country. they are said to have killed
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thousand s of people in the last three years. security force here's are having a hard time stopping them. it has created a climate of fear and suspicion among nigerians. her daughters and 18 others are buried here at the church. it is a place of sadness. they can only hope the attacklers not target them again. >> we have a proverb that says it doesn't strike twice. there must be a reason. we're feeling it at a home more than other people. we have tasted it and experienced it. it is very difficult. >> the father says the church introduced its own measures to protect worshipers after last year's attack but this year it is being felt across the country. security has been stepped up in the capital. individuals are subject to intense searches.
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despite this, nigerians are still afraid and for this family, such assurances are not enough to ease their grief. >> there is nobody in the house to call me mommy anymore. this is the most painful part of it. it. >>
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